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Seller's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is consignment? back

Consigning an item to us means that we will sell your items at a price that you determine and in exchange, we receive a low percentage of the total sale price

Our seasonal consignment sale is quite simply the easiest way to sell your children's items and a great way to make more money than you would at a garage sale, on eBay or on Craig's List


Do I need to be present during the sale? back

No, sellers need not be present – just need to drop off your items and then pick them up after the sale (or you may elect to donate any unsold items to charity)


Why are you so strict about quality? back

Our discerning shoppers have high expectations and will purchase in-style items that are gently used or new at very reasonable prices


Please do not be offended if we are unable to accept an item from you, we want to be sure that your items sell quickly and that the shoppers continue to return to our sales – which is good for you in the long run too!


How much money will I make? back

You will earn 60% of your total selling price just for selling. 

Volunteering Consignors - (before, during or at the end of the sale) Please understand we are open for 30-45 days, sometimes longer so volunteers are needed to make our sale a great success.

If you volunteer for 5 hours, you will receive 65% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 10 hours, you will receive 70% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 15 hours, you will receive 75% of your total sales.



How do I become a seller or "consignor"? back

Register by simply clicking on the "If not, Please Click Here to Register" link on right side column of our website

Pay your $16.50 registration fee

Receive instructions on how to get a Consignor number


Why is there a registration fee? back

We cover the cost of the warehouse, advertising, insurance employees, and merchandising racks so that all you have to do is show up with your treasures and make fast cash!

We will return your registration fee if you do not sell a minimum of $16.50 and bring in at least 25 items.


Why should I sell/consign my child's precious and outgrown toys, furniture & clothes at VALLEY KIDS CONSIGNMENT? back

Let's face it, our kids (and grandkids) grow so fast – it seems like they outgrow items more quickly than we can imagine and that stuff just gathers around the house, grandparent's houses, yards and garages!

Items sell quickly – over one weekend and you get paid shortly after the sale!

You will earn 60% – 75% of the selling price (percentage depends on whether you volunteer for 5, 10, or 15 hours before during or after the sale)

Significantly less hassle, time and effort then listing and conducting an auction on eBay

Safer and less hassle than listing on Craig's List and waiting for someone to show up at your home to buy your items

Earn a lot more money than if you sell at a consignment shop and wait for someone to purchase


What items can I sell? back

Virtually every item in good condition that your child has outgrown (and has not been recalled) such as:

Clothing (newborn baby through young adult)

Dress up items: princess, formal dresses, hats, purses

Backpacks, toy bags, non-recalled infant carriers/slings


Collectible items: (Star Wars, Lego, Star Trek, GeoTrax, American Girls, Barbie, Bratz etc)

Play equipment: tricycles, bikes, sand boxes, kitchen sets, plastic tool benches, plastic wheeled toys

Nursery items: baby monitors, changing station items, diaper bags

Baby items: bathtubs, high chairs, exer-saucers, bouncy chairs, swings, gently used strollers, Bumbo and other seats

Crib linens, toddler bed and children's bed linens

Brand new car seats or car seats manufactured in 2015 or later and no accidents ever!

Car seat accessories: mirrors, automobile seat protectors and activity sets

Furniture: rocking chairs, changing tables, toddler beds, brand new and near new non-recalled cribs (manufactured in 2014 or later)

Children's entertainment and educational media: gently used books, CDs, DVDs, BluRay, video games

Clean and "like new" maternity items (sorry, no maternity bras or underwear unless brand new and in sealed package)

Stuffed animals: new licensed characters - tags still attached

There are no seasonal clothing restrictions, except if we have too many summer clothes during the sale, We may place them temporary in the back until more current items sell.


What items do you decline to sell? back

Any recalled items (please check the CPSC site for current recalls) – from the CPSC "It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled item."

No Drop down cribs at all. We are unable to sell any drop down cribs by any manufacturer according to CPSC - December 2010

VHS tapes and heavily used books, scratched DVDs or CDs

Older, expired car seats or any car seats that have been involved in any kind of accident

Broken items or electronic toys that do not work (check & replace batteries)

Any used personal hygienic items such as:

Used breast pumps and breast feeding items
Heavily used baby bottles and nipples
Bottles with BPA (any crystal clear bottles such as older Avent bottles)
Used maternity bras, used maternity underwear and used children's underwear
Baby formula and baby food – if you have unopened, unexpired formula or food, we can take donations to local family rescue shelters


Where can I check to see if my items have been recalled? back

Visit our Product Safety & Recall Information Page

A couple of links from that page are listed below

Children's items:



What should I do if my item has been recalled? back

Review information on the CPSC website, contact the manufacturer and if a fix is available, apply for a fix or in many cases you can receive a refund for your item from the manufacturer or retailer directly

If you can fix the item, please bring documentation (including proof of the fix, any emails or correspondence from the manufacturer) and attach documentation to the item