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Seller's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What should I do if I have any questions about sellable or non-sellable items? back

Contact Us for questions about specific items (we will get back to you as soon as possible) or,

Tag questionable items and bring to the sale and we will check the items over for you


How will I know what items have sold during the sale? back

Every night we will upload the daily sales - yes, you can check to see which of your items sold same day!

You will also be able to run sold items reports each day as well to track your items


Will I get my wire hangers back from my sold items? back

Clothing is sold on the hangers so you will not receive your hangers back


What happens to my unsold items? back

You may pick up your unsold items 3 days after the sale ends.

To donate, When you enter your item in the database, check the "donate" box in the sales inventory program – your unsold items will then be picked up by a local charity who will use these items for needy families suffering in the Los Angeles area

Or, save your items in the back of the closet, in a bag in the garage (or we love this... behind the couch!) for just a few months until our next sale - your items are tagged and ready to go - you don't have to do anything but drop back off at our store later


How do I prepare my items? back

Once you have a Seller/Consignor number, you may start entering your items into our sales manager system

You will receive complete instructions but here is a quick list of what to do:

Wash and hang clothing on wire hangers (top of hanger faces to the left like a question mark
Sort items by size and gender for easy tracking and merchandising at sale
Replace batteries in toys, make sure everything works and all pieces are accounted for
Secure your items – use Ziploc type bags, tape, staple, string and tie – things can get lost very easily – make sure each item can't get separated
Set your prices. View pricing guidelines document
Print your tags on 65 lb or heavier paper Available Here
Purchase a tagging gun with fasteners


How do I figure out what prices to set for my items? back

Review our pricing guidelines document for helpful tips

Price your items based upon condition, collectability, popularity and necessity. Just remember people are looking for a bargain

A superhero tshirt or princess dress will bring a higher price than a no name or discount brand
Prices are generally 35 – 50% of retail
Lower priced items will be more likely to sell quickly
Discounted items by 50% on the final selling days are also more likely to sell out quickly 


How can I discount further? back

Many consignors prefer to sell their items on the final sale days (Sat. Dec 26 after 4pm and all day Sunday), for 50% of their price in order to avoid having to take items home; we are sorry but we are limited by our inventory system and are unable to use any other discount rates other than 50%

For large, bulky items, please let us know if you are willing to negotiate further and we can assist if a customer wants to negotiate (generally used on items such as a child's bedroom set, bicycles or larger playground equipment) - Write NEGOTIABLE ON YOUR TAG OR ask us for more details on this special service


Can I hand write my price tags? back

No – but you will find that our sales inventory program is extremely easy to use, you just enter your items, set your price and print your tags on heavy duty 65lb cardstock paper

Tags can then be scanned easily at our sale


What do I need to enter in the sales manager tag to describe my items? back

The more descriptive the better, not only will buyers be eager to purchase your treasures, but if the tags get separated at the sale, we will be able to match your tag to your item with more details

Example of a good tag "HANNAH MONTANA Denim Jeans w/pink thread Paid $15; Only $11" 

Example of a poor tag: Jeans $5 - If this tag fell off your clothes, we wouldn't be able to track it in our system as easy.


How much money will I earn from this sale? back

Depending on how you price your items many of our consignors sell 40 - 80% of their items – that can be a lot of cash for you depending on how many items you are trying to sell

Consigning Only -You will earn 60% of your total sales – remember, you will set the prices so make sure to price your items well. To review our pricing guidelines, click here

Volunteering Consignors - (before, during or at the end of the sale) Remember we are open for over 30 - 45 days. We do need volunteers. Thank you so much.

If you volunteer for 5 hours, you will receive 65% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 10 hours, you will receive 70% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 15 hours, you will receive 75% of your total sales.



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