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Buyer's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Is there charge for admission or parking?

Never! We do not charge for admission for the public sale and ample parking is available at no charge in our lot 


What can I expect to find at the sale?

We never know exactly what will come in, but if it's in great shape and kids use it, we'll probably have it

Shop us early! Many consignors and volunteers appreciate the special preview sale because they can find deep discounts on items that won't last

Shop us last! Our shoppers know that the 50% sale  Starting Sat, has the lowest prices on the items kids need – anywhere!


Can I bring my stroller? What if I have a large purse?

You can bring a stroller, but there are usually so many great deals and our aisles can become crowded so many of our shoppers prefer to find a babysitter while they browse our fully loaded shelves for great deals

Any items such as large purses and bags may be subject to inspection at the sale and will be tagged to prevent any confusion


Can I or my children try items on?

We do not have dressing rooms and for security reasons items may not be tried on


What if I need to open a package to inspect contents?

Sealed packages may not be opened, we find that frequently pieces or items will get lost


What payment methods are accepted?

Credit cards: we accept Visa and MasterCard

Cash – we do not accept checks