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Why Consign My Items? back

Consigning – consigning an item with us means that we will sell your items at a price that you determine and in exchange, we receive a low percentage of the total sale price after your item has been sold and paid for

Clutter Free House - Our seasonal consignment sale is the easiest way to sell your children's items and a great way to make more money than you would at a garage sale, by placing an ad in the local paper, auctioning on eBay or posting an ad on Craig's List


What Can/Can't I Sell? back

Quality - We know that you are strict about the quality of the items that you bring home to your family – so are we. For this reason, we only accept clean, unbroken, non-recalled items for our sale. Please do not be offended if we decline an item, we are trying to protect our buyers and sellers alike.

We will accept year round clothing, toys and books. We do not restrict your items because of the season, but if we have too much summmer items, we will place in the back until more current clothes sell.

For a list of items you can sell click here

For a list of items you cannot sell click here

For a complete list of recalled items please see the CPSC links on our site


Registration Fee back

Registration Fee - There is a $16.75 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee to sell your items at our event. We use this fee to cover the cost of a convenient location, make sure that the sale is well advertised, insured and that your treasures are displayed properly – all you have to do is consign your items and make some cash!

Our Guarantee - We will return the difference of what sold and your registration fee, if you do not sell a minimum of $16.75 and bring in at least 25 items.


How Much Can I Earn? back

Consigning Only -You will earn 60% of your total sales – remember, you will set the prices so make sure to price your items well. To review our pricing guidelines, click here

Volunteering Consignors - (before, during or at the end of the sale)

If you volunteer for 5 hours, you will receive 65% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 10 hours, you will receive 70% of your total sales.

If you volunteer for 15 hours, you will receive 75% of your total sales. You can work at home on some circumstances.

Note: Email me with any questions Remember we are open almost 60 days so volunteers are needed. Thank you again.


How Do I Prepare Items? back

Once you have a Consignor number, you may start entering your items into our sales manager system.

Click here for complete instructions – but here is an overview:

Wash and hang clothing on wire hangers (top of hanger faces to the left – top looks like a question mark)

Sort items by size and gender for easy tracking and merchandising at sale. PLEASE also sort your DONATED ITEMS. This will save a lot of time at the end of the sale. We are going to try to TAG your donated items upon arrival with a piece of White Colored Tape that will be placed on the hangers.

Replace batteries in toys, make sure everything works and all pieces are accounted for

Label each item (for example, if your pack and play has three pieces, put your consignor number, price and "1 of 3 items" or "2 of 3 items" on each piece

Secure your items! Very Important!!!! Kids will touch toys. Please tape them closed or place it taped sealed baggies.

Use Ziploc type bags – and staple or use heavy tape to secure
Items can get lost very easily – make sure each item can't get separated. We are not liable for missing or broken items if items were not securely packaged.

Set your prices (Remember customers are looking for a great deal - Check Amazon, Ebay and make sure they are lower)

Pricing guidelines

Print your tags on 65 lb or heavier paper for items using your tagging gun. Using regular paper on toys, bags, books, etc. are ok. But for hanging items, tags may fall off or tear so please use the heavier one. If you wish to use colored paper, PLEASE DO NOT USE DARK COLORS. THE SCANNER DOESN'T READ THEM. LIGHT YELLOW, LIGHT BEIGE, WHITE, WORK BEST. Available Here

Purchase a tagging gun with fasteners


What is VIP? back

In our busy lives, many sellers have a ton of items, but just can't deal with entering them all in. Well, let us do it for you! You will make less, but at least you are helping the community, cleaning out your house, and still making some extra money! Consignors who sign up for VIP Service will receive 35-45% of their merchandise that sells. 35% - bring your items to the store. 40% - at least 50 items are on hangers and stain free. 45% if all clothes are on hangers.(min. 50 items of clothing) stain free, and volunteer 3 hours


How Do I Tag Items? back

Using the tagging gun – The tagging gun is surprisingly easy – just insert the needle edge of the tagging gun through a clothing item's tag or through a seam. Take care not to make holes in your clothing items – this will ruin your clothes.

Click images below to see examples of how to tag your items


Tagging non-clothing items – You can use heavy tape, twist ties or string to secure your items – just make sure that the tags don't come off your itesm. IMPORTANT - the barcode NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY VISIBLE for SCANNING when your items sell.

Use clear packing tape to attach sale tag to flat surface of items.

Can't find a flat surface or the tape is not sticking? Find a location to loop tape around part of the item.

Remember to properly label each item of a set for sale (i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).


Click images below to see examples of how attach your tag to non-clothing items


Dropping Items Off back

Sort - Separate your items by gender and by size

Inspection - Your items will be reviewed to ensure that items are in good condition and are sellable – any unsellable items will be returned to you

Merchandise - You may take your items to the racks to ensure that they are merchandised properly (many of our consignors like to take a look to see what's being sold so that they know what to buy when they come back!!!), or our volunteers can place your items on the sales floor for you.


Exclusive Preview Sale back

We know that you want the best possible prices and first pick at the best items that we have to offer, for this reason, we offer multiple ways to access our sale before the general public. Here are the ways:

1. New mommies – we know having a baby can be very stressful, we offer the chance for pregnant mom's to be and new mommies to visit our sale and take a look at the best that we have to offer

2. Volunteers – the more you volunteer, the earlier you can access the sale. And, remember that spouses, grandparents, friends and other family members over the age of 18 can volunteer for you to get you in to the sale as well – just remind your "volunteer stand-in" to sign in with your consignor number!

3. Consignors – you will gain early access to our sale – you won't believe the bargains!


Non-Profit/Fundraising back

Non-Profits – Please designate a "Member" to collect gently used or like new baby and children's items from your group. "Member" will pay registration fee, register and enter items into our system – after the sale, a check will be sent to your organization.

For more details, please Contact Us


Table Sponsors -(We will have a lot of traffic. Promote your business) PLATINUM $300.00 for unlimited days during the Valley Kids Consignment Sale event to set up your table and sell your items. GOLD Sponosr - $200 for any consecutive 2 weeks of your choice. Additional days may be purchased for $25 extra. SILVER: $100 for any Five Days of your choice. BRONZE: $75 Per Day. You may sell items, advertise your services, and hand out your information. You will be given a space for a 6 foot table (Sorry, no exceptions). Please provide your own table coverings and chairs.


Website Sponsor - $50.00 Place your ad, coupon, contact information and website link on the Valley Kids Consignment Sale website. It will stay up until the next published Sale Event. Sign-up quickly in order to get your information online for the pre-sale internet traffic.
Can be added to any other Sponsor Package for just $25.


Shopper Sponsor - Promote with flyers, coupons, or a sample and we will distribute them in customer's Shopping Bags during the Valley Kids Consignment Sale event. All items for the Shopper Sponsor must be received one week before the sale. More options for flyers in dropbox menu of paypal below.


Other sponsorship opportunites are available. For more information please use our Contact Us form or email us at valleykidsconsignmentsale@gmail.com.

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